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Cognitively Incongruent


Education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Cognitively Incongruent is a project to help spread the plethora of free educational resources available today, via any media available. Inspired by a colleague and my many acquaintances in education, this page is a means to spread information and awareness of the many resources available to people. Education has always been one of my greatest passions, with over a decade of educator experience in tutorial services and teaching facilities. Moreover, it is within my many interactions with people seeking educational help that I have faced many people desiring free and convenient resources that they can access on their own, which has now motivated me to create a centralized location for free educational resources available to anyone with internet access. I hope to promote the awareness of this database and the message that education can and is free, this being only a vehicle for the many resources and efforts of others out there.

My goal for cognitively incongruent is to provide a service learning environment/project where people can find and contribute free educational resources to help facilitate the education of others in any field that they are confident/proficient. Ultimately this service hopes to promote free education and the empowerment of community service in the form of Education, through the exposure to other people’s testimonies and contributions in free educational resources. This would also potentially help to promote people to find out that facilitating education or even contributing to the resources available is a means of fulfilling their Dharma, as I have.

Here is the URL


This is strictly a free database of resources made by others and not owned by the host of Cognitively Incongruent. Please feel free to contact the authors of these resources and thank them for their efforts or help them spread their resources. Furthermore, to all who use, visit, interact, and promote this website, I welcome you and hope to inspire your enthusiasm to promote free education.

I would welcome any contributions to this database and momentum to help empower the spread of this resource. In addition, one of my greatest challenges, thus far, has been inspiring or making easily apparent (beyond the about section) the spiritual mission of this resource.

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What Do You Know?

Gini since WWII

Gini since WWII (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, over 5000 Americans were asked about income inequality in the U.S.  Amazingly, wealth inequality in the U.S. is now greater than it was in the 1920s, just before the Great Depression.  Wealth inequality here is worse than the inequality found many poor third-world countries.

So, how many of these questions on wealth inequality can you answer correctly (answers at the end of the post)?

  1. When asked respondents to the survey mentioned above said the top 20% of Americans own this percent of the total American wealth:
    1. 32%
    2. 59%
    3. 84%
  2. What percentage of the wealth does the top 20% of Americans actually own?
    1. 32%
    2. 59%
    3. 84%
  3. 92% of the respondents (yes that is right, 92%) think this country has the ideal amount of wealth inequality:
    1. Mexico
    2. Russia
    3. Sweden
    4. France
  4. In this ideal country, what percent of the wealth does the top 20% own?
    1. 32%
    2. 59%
    3. 84%

If you are like most Americans, you will be surprised by the correct answers, and that brings up the question about how best to educate people about what is going on in today’s America. We have so many problems that we need accurate facts to determine what we want and to begin the process of making America work better. Now, I realize there is a percentage of society that prefers their own facts (the authoritarian 20%), but how best to reach the rest of us? There is a lot of innovation going on right now on to use social media to engage people on social issues. I don’t know if anybody knows yet what works best, but in my project I will be building small quizzes on different social issues.

Hopefully answering them will be fun for the people taking the quizzes as well as educational. I promise I will not create any quizzes purporting to tell you how to stay in a relationship with your partner, or how your horoscope will affect your life in the next three months. But I will try to engage and educate you, or even better, you will engage and educate me! If you have any ideas about what quizzes you would like to see, what quizzes you don’t want to see (!!!), or if you have a better idea how to engage and educate (or anything else), I’d love to hear from you. Write me a comment or two, or three (or…) if you have any feedback.

Okay, answers listed backwards to make it a bit harder for you to cheat look ahead.

4. (A); 3. (C); 2. (C); 1. (B)

P.S., the amount of total wealth owned by the top 20% is probably underreported since a huge amount (billions, trillions?) of U.S. wealth is illegally hidden in overseas accounts.

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