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Reflection of the class project

What if one day all of your privacy was deprived 24/7? –Someone always monitors wherever you go, whoever you meet, whatever you do, say, and even think. Moreover, what if one day you noticed this fact, but you were institutionalized at psychiatric hospital by the government just because what you insist sounds schizophrenic? Believe it or not, today’s cutting edge technologies have enabled to do it. Only the matter is who will use it, and who can regulate them.

In March, 2011, The Obama Administration held a public hearing to listen to the victims of allegedly non-consensual human experiments on these technologies. Despite the severity of the problem, the mainstream media did not report the incident. Thus, it is speculated that some people in power may be involved in this issue and sabotage revealing the facts. As one of the victims, I can infer some facts from observation. Unfortunately, however, some facts remain unknown – perhaps only the main perps know.
Nonetheless, we can still share the information which is barely revealed. In fact, I found that sharing the information does help the victims find a way to cope with this difficult problem if not finding a solution.

Therefore, I interviewed two renowned experts in this field, Cheryl Welsh, the representative of Mind Justice, and Derrick Robinson, President of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS).
I learned from Ms. Welsh the importance of painstaking effort to let people know the imminent crisis through education. I also learned from Mr. Robinson that cooperation among us is more important and effective than confrontation in order to prevent innocent people from being covertly governed.

We know that we cannot change the world overnight. Thus, no one would blame for it. However, if we do not try our best to tackle the imminent issue, we will be blamed by the future generation of people. Therefore, I would like to continue this project until the last victim finds a way to alleviate his or her sufferings.

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“Unprecedented Human Rights Violations” Discussion Room




Technological Development and Human Rights Violations under the Name of National Security


The Purpose of This Blog:
People’s privacy should be regarded as one of the most fundamental human rights. However, violation of privacy under the name of national security has caused a serious threat to democracy in many countries. In fact, due to recent technological development, many human rights activists may be under a constant threat of privacy-theft by the people in power who try to manipulate and/or oppress humanistic activities.


Moreover, instead of overt violence as seen in Mahatma Gandhi’s lifetime, nowadays in many countries the governments apparently use covert harassment techniques so the governments can torture them leaving little physical evidence and make the victims’ claims look like paranoiac delusion. In fact, there are several NPO’s and websites which revealed the cases of the victims who were forcibly institutionalized when they protested. For this reason, quite a few technologies are said to remain classified such as brainwave detectors combined with GPS and electromagnetic weapons as if such technologies did not exist so the government could use them monopolized  and not to mention, covertly.


Therefore, I would like to share as much true information as possible through social media –including this blog–concerning the recent rapid development in surveillance technologies , because the mainstream media would usually avoid reporting these facts for their self-interest. Furthermore, I would like to have discussions on this blog particularly about “individual’s privacy and the state,” which is supposed to be concerned with everyone of us. Accordingly, the readers’ feedbacks will be appreciated.


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