Proposal – Between Ignorance and Enlightenment

Between Ignorance and Enlightenment

I propose an educational social media project called “between ignorance and enlightenment”. A meaningful life is a journey from ignorance to enlightenment. Ignorance comes from delusion. Martin Luther King Jr. said that “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscious stupidity.” How we come to see our delusion and transfer it to self-awareness is an art. We suffer because we are bewildered by delusion. I find Buddhist wisdom helps me change from “ignorance” to “enlightenment”.

This term of topic comes from Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s book, “Between Ignorance and Enlightenment”. I found many inspirations when I read this book. There is a proverbial saying that lookers-on see most of the game; it means those who are not participating are able to take an overall view. The difference between ignorance and enlightenment are thought and concept. Most of us think that to lose one thing, such as money or sight, is a real lost. Andrea Angel Bocelli is an Italian tenor, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He lost his sight and became blind at the age of 12. His father encouraged him, “This world belongs to everyone. Although you cannot see the world, however you can let the world see you.” He went on to become both the most popular Italian and classical singer in the world. His feedback society is by participating in charity benefit concerts in different countries for different charities, such as in New York City for the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Bocelli lost his sight but won a colorful life. He is an enlightening person who changed his inferiority to superiority, and transformed knowledge to wisdom.

Consequently, I will create different units as follows:

  • Buddhist Books on Ignorance and Enlightenment
  • Other Books, magazines, articles on Ignorance and Enlightenment
  • Wisdom Quotes, e.g. Venerable Master Hsing Yun
  • Graphic Quotes
  • Video on Ignorance and Enlightenment
  • Reflections on Ignorance and Enlightenment
  • Story sharing with Buddhism wisdom, e.g. Bird and Water Dance Ensemble
  • The everlasting light: Dharma thoughts of Master Hsing Yun
  • Music

I hope the “Between Ignorance and Enlightenment” sharing space will create opportunities by gathering resources for those people who try to find resources to help them transform and enlighten from the Buddhist wisdom and quotes.

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