My  social media project involved a new Facebook page entitled Calm Reflection,, and a blog,

The most important thing I learned by completing this project was that I have a lot of stored up knowledge, and some wisdom, and that once I get out from under my own self-doubt, I become quite creative.  And the way I get out from under these feelings of self-doubt is what my project is all about.

All the time I was working on my blog, I kept reminding myself to go deeper than my thoughts like: “What should I write?” or “I’m no good at this.”  And when I did submerge into my true heart, bypassing these fear-based worries, I really began to flow.  I just flowed!

I also learned that social media is a viable way to connect to others, although my long-term goal will be developing a website and doing what I need to do to show up on page one of Google.

I received some good comments on my PART ONE blog post.  One comment was especially supportive, saying that my post beautifully expressed a wonderful intention.  And a close friend of mine, Paul Fetler, who is an Ananda Minister, really validated my ideas, and I had asked him to be honest so that I could learn from him.  Paul has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for quite some time.  So when he found my ideas and presentation positive, this was very encouraging.

Another friend who I worked with on my last job became excited saying Calm Reflection was something he needed to learn.  I hope he keeps checking in.

In conclusion, my first sojourn into cyber-space brought me home safely, so I think I’ll start planning my next trip.

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